Zeenanoko Site Changes

zeenanohosting logoWe migrated our website to yet another hosting company. I had to part ways with my previous hosting company again since they could not provide the services that I needed.  They have been blocking my local IP saying that I have too many connections.  When I asked to send me a log they gave me a one liner log.  I did try to work it out but never have too much to work with from thier end. So now I'm hosted on an SSD equipped servers!

So what has been happening?  Nothing much.  I have been pulled from online responsibilities to a nit and gritty task of being a data scientist.  Yup. Close to working on data analytics.  So preoccupied with work stuff that I never had time to visit and play around with this website.

Actually worked on a lot of Wordpress installations and I hate to admin it but getting a little bit interested in developing sites powered by Wordpress.

Of course I will not abandon Joomla since I had taught me a lot about CMS and putting website components together. So...I'll keep you updated!