Covid-19 CoronaVirus 2019 Pandemic

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CoronaVirus 2019 or Covid-19 is an infectious disease that causes a flu-like sickness but it attacks your respiratory system with symptoms such as fever, cough and in severe cases difficulty in breathing.

It has been recommended by CDC that as of now, the only precautions that you can do is to always wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing. (see link to CDC website about the COVID-19)

The Covid-19 was originally detected in Wuhan, China which is why there are connotation such as Wuhan Virus or China Virus. Covid-19 has spread from China to different parts of the globe specially Italy which had the largest death toll but USA surpasses all other areas with 1,276,302 confirmed cases. (as of 4/6/2020)

This virus had disrupted the daily lives of people all over the world. In Italy the whole country was put in lockdown which means the country closes it borders to the outside world and instructed all its people to stay at home.
In the USA some states had been ordered to Shelter-At-Home which is a little more linient way of asking the people to stay in their homes and only go out to get some supplies like groceries or prescriptions.  A lot of small business has been affected specially the restaurants, bars, and other social gathering places.  Unemployment rate jumped at 4.4 percent as of March 2020 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and this puts a large strain on the american people since without their regular paycheck it became harder to put food in the table. And to rub salt into the wound, panic buyers and hoarders took most of the neccesary items off the grocery shelves and left other grocery buyers with empty shelves. In case you need to go for a grocery run here are some tips for grocery shopping in this covid-19 period.


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